Stuck on A would not be possible with the generous donations of people talent, time, money, equipment, mental support. locations, discounts, etc…  This list reflects our most sincere thanks and is in no particular order, because without all of them, well, things would have been that much harder!


David Johnson, Natalie Brasington, Emma the wiggly dog, Devin Compton, Patrick Daly, Russell Brandi, Melinda Prisco, Colin Kelly, Evan DeVitto, Trevor Alexander, Kate Compton, Ashlie, Atkinson, Maggie Hood, Patrick Clark, Alex LaMarsh, Juliet Jane, Rachelle Lacefield, Chris MacFarland, Kyle Scatliffe, Logan Roberts, Conr Kinman, Julie Ann Apoderato, Paco Secada, Rachelle Lacefield,  Champion Studios NYC, Mike Houston, Gore Abrams, Radio Arts Foundation and Recording Studio, Larry Josephson, Robert Auld, Ashley Witmer, Rachel Feinstein, Kareem Atallah, Jessica Zindren, Matt Polk, Polk and Associates, OSIS+ by Schwarzkopf, Benefit Cosmetics, Chelsea Daylight Studios, Veronique Krieger,  Luca Arrogoni, Laura Giromini, SottoCasa (Brooklyn's best pizza!), Dave Hanson, Anthony DeBiase, Joe Huffman, Alejandra Bufala, Bruce Kravetz, The Tangled Vine Wine Bar, Mike Kravetz, Jessica Ray, Sam Morril, John Forslund, The West End Lounge, Be Electric Studios, Alexandra Gomez, Michael Miller, Khrystyana, Julie Ann Luna,  Chris Edwards, Anselmo Martinez, Adorama Rental Company, Camera Goat, Jeffery Garland, Borrow Lenses, Red, Uncle Leon and the Alibi's,, Mellz, Young Michael, Nella, Prince Akeem, Jim and Tressa Compton, Jim and Bridget Haack, Gregory Sargeant, Vanessa Casteneda, Christine Ashburn, Aaron McBride, Jeff Holaly, Halley Holdsworth, Hjalti Hjalmarsson, Andrew Levi, Amy Gensel, Julia Wyss, Johnathan Slawson, Film GRIT, Alexander Yeager, Laura-Lynn Rivera, Karen Grzeskowiak Ridenour, Denise Giordano, Sari Gagnon, Jill Haug, Debbie Sholes Accounting, Brian Helweil, Arnaud Fisher, Scott Johnson, Kara Leigh, Jennie Sahakian Holladay, Manny Osoria, Alicia Spencer, Ronda Seller, Jocelyn Sweetapple-Clarke, Sheila and Mike Shepard, Joe Harrington, Lizzy Postel, Diane Cooper, Spencer Phare, Paul and Julie Fernandez, Chreyl Gulash Stowe, Norwood, Alan Lim, Susanna Woodley, Morgan McGreevey, Anyway Reps, Honda Element (when you can't afford a grip truck!), Profoto B1 heads, Jim Warren, David Fumero, Melissa Fumero, Judith Weston, New York, Brooklyn, the friendly folks of Washington Heights, the beer in the green bottle, 

David Johnson would like to thank Diane Cooper and Jenny Horn of Fox Broadcasting, Laura Adams of Discovery Communications and Deena Fayette - my amazing clients that hired me for the shoots on which I met Devin Compton, Ashlie Atkinson and yes, the man himself.  I'm grateful each time we get to work together.  


The creators, cast, and crew of Stuck on A would like to extend a very, very, very heartfelt thanks to that one celebrity that changed his mind in 1998.  


This is a growing list, so check back as we have more and more people to say thanks to!